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Online Corporate Bookmakers: Banking on Banners

Online betting continues to be a rapidly growing market in the world, marked by fierce competition between domestic and international online corporate bookmakers and betting agencies. The advent of digital technology has created an international marketplace for gambling products. It is now possible to engage in online sports betting and horse racing anywhere in the world. The growth in online betting has resulted in an increase in online betting products and services advertising. If you’re always online, it’s more likely that you have seen corporate bookmakers’ banner advertisements  (display ad, web banner, banner ad). Bookmakers’ banner ads come in many shapes and sizes and positioned in different parts on a website. Corporate bookmakers’ banner ads can be a graphic image, animation or video.

When it comes to branding banner ads is one of the most effective ways to gain online visibility. Banner advertisements are clickable and can be used to drive traffic to bookmakers’ site. Online corporate bookmakers are banking on banners for the success of their online display advertising. Banner ads function the same way as traditional ads which are intended to notify viewers of the bookmakers’ products and services. These ads present reasons why the viewers should choose the bookmaker. Placing these ads on sites frequently visited by the target audience increases the chance of the ads getting noticed, clicked and acted upon by the target customers.

Mobile technology made a great difference in the online betting industry because it enables players to place online bets using their smart devices. Now they can easily access their betting account to place a bet anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Bookmakers are now using mobile banner ads to reach a wider audience with a single tool. Most mobile optimised web pages run a single ad per page allowing the viewers to see the banner ad on that particular page. Banner ads help build brand recognition making this tactic useful in marketing. Even when viewers don’t click the ad awareness is created in their mind and the brand will come to mind when they engage in online betting.

Benefits of Banner Ads to Corporate Bookmakers

Immediate results
Online corporate bookmakers get immediate results from banner ads. These ads start working immediately towards their goals whether to sell products or drive traffic to their site. Viewers can instantly respond to the ad by clicking it. The results are measurable and bookmakers can see how many people took action upon seeing the ad.

Building brand recognition
Aside from generating immediate sales, banner advertising is an effective tool for bookmakers in building brand recognition. Banner ads create awareness on viewers even when they don’t click on the ads. Viewers subconsciously register the bookmakers brand even when they are not directly focusing on the banner. Awareness  can make the viewer recall the bookmakers easily when they need to put their bets online.

Lower marketing costs
Online banners are less expensive compared with tri-media advertisements. With billions of internet users bookmakers can reach a wider target audience at a lower marketing costs.  Banner advertising has flexible pricing structures. Advertising space sellers typically charge bookmakers based on the number of visitors who click the ad. Some plans even allow them to pay a set fee per specific results like putting free horse racing bets  or making a purchase. Bookmakers can also buy space through real-time bidding, giving them a chance to put a low bid on prime advertising space. This provides them complete control on the website where their banners appear.

Cost effective
Traditional advertising is expensive especially when forced to sign up for long term contracts. Banner advertising avoids expensive long term contracts when bookmakers only need short exposure. Banner ads allow them to avoid these extra costs because ads can be displayed for as short as necessary. Banner ads can be short, flexible and bookmakers can change the ad as per their requirement.

Effective audience targeting
Online bookmakers benefit from banner ads because it allows bookmakers to target their audience geographically. Bookmakers are granted control to personalise the ad to efficiently target the market by geographic location or other targeting options. Targeting options include age, gender, income etc. Knowing the target demographics bookmakers can personalise the ad according to the audience interest.

Banner ads completes the branding circle
Traditional advertising in TV, radio and print cannot reach every target audience but with billions of people online, banner ad open new opportunities to reach people. Banner ad doesn’t replace tri-media advertising but completes the branding circle by complementing the marketing strategy. Online advertising with traditional ads increase brand recognition and return on investments.

Banner ads are versatile
Online corporate bookmakers are not limited to publishing static image on their banner ad. They can add rich media such as slideshows, animation and streaming media to catch the viewers’ attention. Digital compression tools minimises the size of rich media creating an eye-catching ad without slowing the page-loading times.

Efficient campaign tracking
Banner ads allow bookmakers to efficiently track their campaign. Publishers provide feedback report to let bookmakers plan better strategies for a successful marketing plan. Weekly or daily feedback report can measure if the banner ads is working or not or if it needs tweaking. Information from feedback reports can serve as guide to make better strategies for successful online marketing.