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Marketing Your Electrical Business: Understanding The Why

Many people still do not understand why a website is so essential for marketing a business in the modern world. Why is that so? Well, there may be a variety of reasons, such as that these individuals may not use the internet to search for products and services in their own lives. They may live in an off the beaten track realm, where modernity has been kept at bay. However, they must realise that they are now in a tiny minority. Marketing your electrical business: Understanding the why has never been more important.

Customers Are Seeking Your Services Online

Electricians cannot in good faith plead ignorance from the high-tech world of 2021. After all, they are expected to fix the wiring of the power networks, which run our numerous electrical devices. It would be akin to a minister of religion feigning ignorance about the concept of god. An electrical contractor cannot hide behind an adherence to hardware and maintain his or her indifference to the world wide web and social media. Marketing your electrical business: Understanding the why is absolutely essential to success in 2021. Your customers will be seeking your services online via their smartphones, tablets and computers.

A Website & SEO Are Both Essential to Your Success

For instance, this Sydney electrician’s fantastic website is a vibrant example of what is possible in the modern marketing sense. The interactive nature of websites and social media platforms allow potential clients to ask questions and get answers to their queries. The relatively instantaneous characteristic of this medium makes business easier for providers of services like these. Information is accessible to customers in the here and now, when they really need it. Good marketing means that this electrical contractor can stand out from the crowd and his fellow competitors. Seizing the moment is the difference between getting the call and not.

Good search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential part of reaching your target market online. Like the SEO done for dentists and medical clinics it is the difference between showing up at the top of the relevant search engine list or not. Having a website is the first step but getting incisive SEO is the most important step if you want to get to the top of your game. How can you invest all that time and money in your trade and profession if nobody can find your business? SEO is the answer to the why you bother marketing your electrical business online.



Online Corporate Bookmakers: Banking on Banners

Online betting continues to be a rapidly growing market in the world, marked by fierce competition between domestic and international online corporate bookmakers and betting agencies. The advent of digital technology has created an international marketplace for gambling products. It is now possible to engage in online sports betting and horse racing anywhere in the world. The growth in online betting has resulted in an increase in online betting products and services advertising. If you’re always online, it’s more likely that you have seen corporate bookmakers’ banner advertisements  (display ad, web banner, banner ad). Bookmakers’ banner ads come in many shapes and sizes and positioned in different parts on a website. Corporate bookmakers’ banner ads can be a graphic image, animation or video.

When it comes to branding banner ads is one of the most effective ways to gain online visibility. Banner advertisements are clickable and can be used to drive traffic to bookmakers’ site. Online corporate bookmakers are banking on banners for the success of their online display advertising. Banner ads function the same way as traditional ads which are intended to notify viewers of the bookmakers’ products and services. These ads present reasons why the viewers should choose the bookmaker. Placing these ads on sites frequently visited by the target audience increases the chance of the ads getting noticed, clicked and acted upon by the target customers.

Mobile technology made a great difference in the online betting industry because it enables players to place online bets using their smart devices. Now they can easily access their betting account to place a bet anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Bookmakers are now using mobile banner ads to reach a wider audience with a single tool. Most mobile optimised web pages run a single ad per page allowing the viewers to see the banner ad on that particular page. Banner ads help build brand recognition making this tactic useful in marketing. Even when viewers don’t click the ad awareness is created in their mind and the brand will come to mind when they engage in online betting.

Benefits of Banner Ads to Corporate Bookmakers

Immediate results
Online corporate bookmakers get immediate results from banner ads. These ads start working immediately towards their goals whether to sell products or drive traffic to their site. Viewers can instantly respond to the ad by clicking it. The results are measurable and bookmakers can see how many people took action upon seeing the ad.

Building brand recognition
Aside from generating immediate sales, banner advertising is an effective tool for bookmakers in building brand recognition. Banner ads create awareness on viewers even when they don’t click on the ads. Viewers subconsciously register the bookmakers brand even when they are not directly focusing on the banner. Awareness  can make the viewer recall the bookmakers easily when they need to put their bets online.

Lower marketing costs
Online banners are less expensive compared with tri-media advertisements. With billions of internet users bookmakers can reach a wider target audience at a lower marketing costs.  Banner advertising has flexible pricing structures. Advertising space sellers typically charge bookmakers based on the number of visitors who click the ad. Some plans even allow them to pay a set fee per specific results like putting free horse racing bets  or making a purchase. Bookmakers can also buy space through real-time bidding, giving them a chance to put a low bid on prime advertising space. This provides them complete control on the website where their banners appear.

Cost effective
Traditional advertising is expensive especially when forced to sign up for long term contracts. Banner advertising avoids expensive long term contracts when bookmakers only need short exposure. Banner ads allow them to avoid these extra costs because ads can be displayed for as short as necessary. Banner ads can be short, flexible and bookmakers can change the ad as per their requirement.

Effective audience targeting
Online bookmakers benefit from banner ads because it allows bookmakers to target their audience geographically. Bookmakers are granted control to personalise the ad to efficiently target the market by geographic location or other targeting options. Targeting options include age, gender, income etc. Knowing the target demographics bookmakers can personalise the ad according to the audience interest.

Banner ads completes the branding circle
Traditional advertising in TV, radio and print cannot reach every target audience but with billions of people online, banner ad open new opportunities to reach people. Banner ad doesn’t replace tri-media advertising but completes the branding circle by complementing the marketing strategy. Online advertising with traditional ads increase brand recognition and return on investments.

Banner ads are versatile
Online corporate bookmakers are not limited to publishing static image on their banner ad. They can add rich media such as slideshows, animation and streaming media to catch the viewers’ attention. Digital compression tools minimises the size of rich media creating an eye-catching ad without slowing the page-loading times.

Efficient campaign tracking
Banner ads allow bookmakers to efficiently track their campaign. Publishers provide feedback report to let bookmakers plan better strategies for a successful marketing plan. Weekly or daily feedback report can measure if the banner ads is working or not or if it needs tweaking. Information from feedback reports can serve as guide to make better strategies for successful online marketing.


What Sells Computers

According to statistics, there were more than 200 million units of computers and laptops sold globally in 2015. This translates to at least $270 billion worth of revenues. The United States accounts for one-third of the worldwide sales, making the country the largest consumer of computers and laptops. However, last year’s number was 10 million units lower than the computer sales from 2014. The sudden growth of the smartphones and tablets industries is a factor why there was a decline in sales.

The ‘S’ Factor

Although 70 percent of the computer and/or laptop units sold were for businesses, the fact still remains that sex is the primary reason why people use computers. Research shows that one-third of the world’s Internet traffic are directed to ‘adult’ sites. Because of the global reach of the Internet, porn sites are booming, the number of online freelance workers is increasing, and chat sites that offer this are exploding in popularity.

Selling anything online is now possible through computers and the technology today. As a matter of fact, studies show that computers have an effect on the different spheres of our sexuality. The popular areas are shops, education, contact, subculture and any related work offerings.

Its well documented that Sex helps in selling everything. For instance, the ‘s’word appearing in a domain name made someone $13 million richer. The Guinness Book of World Records reported that the domain name was sold for $13 million in 2010. Online marketers are also using it to attract customers and increase digital traffic. It has become an element of online ads of companies engaged in selling health and hygiene right through to businesses selling clothing and apparels.

Computer Addiction

An article from the journal of Addiction and Compulsivity reported that men and women are spending significantly increasing hours of their  day on-line for mental stimulation. Today, computers are constantly used for hours on end for meeting other in on-line chat rooms, match making sites and on-line games. Moreover, almost everyone over 18 years old can now access these sites for personal leisure time as computers are getting cheaper and the Internet is reaching more people than ever.

The adage that “Sex sells” is still true. However, it presents a problem for parents, especially that adult material on line is now so easily within the reach of children because of desk top computers and mobile devices they have at their disposal.





Promoting Credit Online: Reaching Your Market

Data shows that the international financial services sector spent $95.7 billion in digital advertising in 2012. By 2017, this number is expected to reach the $200-billion mark. However, despite the growing expenses in digital advertising, the financial services industry started late in devising its digital marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, while the sector is making an effort towards digitization, other industries are bringing out customer-friendly products the digital way.

The recent technologies are now making it easier for people to apply for short term finance for business use. In addition, opening bank accounts or improving one’s credit is now simpler and more straightforward than ever, thanks to technology. Introducing new financial services and reaching a wider market are now also possible.

Here are some of the digital marketing tools that financial companies and institutions are using on their marketing strategies:

  • Social Media

According to statistics, the social media presence of financial institutions grew by 31 percent. In fact, social media are reshaping how financial services are being introduced and advertised in the market. However, research shows that 59 percent of customers are oblivious to the social media accounts of financial companies. This makes the competition open for everyone.

Aside from using social media in ushering in available financial services, companies are now using them in coming up with new banking services. For example, bank customers in Turkey can now make transactions with their bank on Facebook.

  • CPM Ads

Financial institutions can now market their services through web ads. You can now place advertisements on websites that generate great traffic. Some ads work wherein you have to pay for every clicks directed to your website. There are also CPM ads which will require you to pay affiliates sites for every customer interaction or e-mails they collected. Some of the popular CPM ad networks  are Criteo and Adtegrity.

  • Content Marketing

Aside from blog articles and white papers, financial companies can introduce their services to consumers using various media. In fact, online video marketing on YouTube is known to be very effective. By conveying the right message and delivering the right content, businesses will be able to target the right set of customers.

  • Mobile Apps

Based on Adobe’s research, the most used apps by consumers are mobile apps for financial services. If companies would like to introduce new banking services, they can just integrate them with these applications.


Drawing an Online Crowd: Stimulating Banners Explode

Banner ads are considered as an important part of an optimized digital strategy of businesses. These ads are more than images that pop-up and encourage the users to click them. As a matter of fact, they are integral facets of a network’s advertising campaign.

A successful banner ad is relevant and aesthetically pleasing. However, there is a new trend of effective banner ads that are getting the attention of marketers and business owners. Today’s banner ads that draw a huge deal of online traffic are sexy and provocative. This just shows that an alluring angle does sell.

 Creating Banner Ads

Stimulating banner ads are frequently used by adult sites, online video games, dating sites, or websites that offer anything free or that matter.

In creating banner ads, vulgar images or gifs are used to bait the curious mind into clicking the pop-up advertisement. More often than not, these banner ads have phrases or images quite unrelated to the site or landing page you are taken to.

 If you’ll notice, in these instances, these banner ads are poorly made and look cheap. Believe it or not, the creators do intend them to be that way. They want the images to appear as homemade; that real people are encouraging by them them as they seem real and not made by a swanky marketing agency. Interestingly, the uglier the banner ads are, on many occasions, the higher is the chance that people will be interested on clicking them. Moreover, using amateur pictures or selfies will give the impression that this offer or opportunity is real.

 Effective Banner Ads

Banner ads are more effective if you use the right type of font. Meme fonts, such as Impact, are commonly used in creating banner ads. You should also make sure to include spelling mistakes on your ads’ texts. According to a banner designer, creating banner ads is all about catching one’s attention. Amateur images, grammatical errors, and flashy texts do capture the attention of Internet users. Colorful and NSFW sentences are also critical to the success of your banner advertisement. Typical niche related terms put into convincing catch phrases are best.

 When designing your banner ad, you should also consider the headline, sub-headline, call to action and your ad’s color combination. Just remember that your banner ad must be able to sell to your potential visitor’s . If successful, this will translate to a good lead and increased revenues.


Promoting Healers & Healthcare Professionals Online

Promoting healers and healthcare professionals in the past decades means relying on word of mouth and traditional marketing like TV, radio and print media. Today, digital marketing is overtaking traditional methods with the ever-increasing reliance of people on digital technology. With more smart devices than people, more and more people are spending more time online. People typically search online for health care providers before making an appointment. With this trend, it seems wiser to limit traditional marketing and invest more time and money on online promotional activities.

Healthcare professionals without an online presence are going to be invisible to many potential customers. Without a web presence they may lose customers who can’t look them up online to get more information. Healers and healthcare professionals must have online presence so that potential patients searching for their services can easily find them. There are many ways to promote healers and healthcare professionals to get patients to their door and online promotion is proven to be the most effective one. Promoting healers and healthcare professionals online can bring as many patients into the clinic with minimum amount of time and money invested.

Ways to promote healers and healthcare professionals online:

Create a responsive website that’s simple and visually appealing to your current and future clients. A responsive website automatically adjusts to the size of the user’s device to give them good user experience. This will serve as your main marketing hub for information and communication with patients online. Your website must contain your basic information such as your services, location, phone number and directions.

If you already have a website creating a blog can be one of the best marketing tactics you can use to expand the outreach of your practice. Your blog can provide prospective patients with information that can help them with their health condition. Your viewers will surely appreciate free and valuable information from your blog. You can also create a testimonials tab on your blog and publish your success stories to be shared on your social media accounts.

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is important to a successful online marketing strategy. Potential clients use search engine to find health related information. Developing search engine optimisation allows you to be found easily when people conduct online search for health providers. SEO increases your overall web presence and ensures that your site can be found on the top of the search engines results pages. If your website is optimise you will receive more traffic from people searching for your services. Determine the keywords that are relevant to your business and optimise the content in your web pages, blogs and social media post.

Local SEO
Optimise your web pages for local SEO since people looking for health services will be looking for practice near their place.  They are more likely to search for a chiropractor in Narrabeen, Sydney than just chiropractor. Confirm your Google business listing and add a site map to it to help optimise your pages for local searches. List your business name, address, phone number, website and which category your practice falls under. Include your hours of operation and site map. Uploading your recent pictures will help identify your practice. Encourage your clients to put a review on your Google+ page. Positive reviews will give your practice more visibility.

Social Media
Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn provide a great platform for promotion. Healthcare professionals benefit from social media by attracting new patients, increasing patient loyalty and growing their fan base. Social media fan pages also offer the chance to interact with current and potential clients. Healers and healthcare professionals with online interaction are more likely to increase their recommendation. Put social media icons on your website and link it to your social media accounts. Create optimised content and post it on your social media pages.

Online Advertising
Online advertising promote your products and services through visually appealing graphics, animation and video. Placing online ads on sites frequently visited by your target audience increase online visibility and web traffic. Online advertising particularly banner ads are less expensive than tri-media advertising. Banner ads benefit healthcare professionals by allowing them to compete with established practice in their area.

Google Adword
Google Adword campaign is a great way to attract new patients searching for health providers. Ads are targeted near the geographical area of your practice. It can be optimise to the keywords related to your business so that if you’re a chiropractor, people with neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel scoliosis and sciatica may see your ads. The benefit of this tactic is that you only pay when people clicks on your ad.

Digital Card
Your digital signature can serve as your unique business card. Promote your practice by creating digital signature and adding your signature to all your reply, outgoing and forwarding emails. A digital signature on your smartphone and text is an opportunity for you to let patients remember you easily. Your digital signature will work like the traditional business card.

Content Marketing
It’s impossible to make a successful SEO strategy without great content. Great content on your website is the key to make search engines love your site. Unique content posted on your site leads to better Google ranking. To successfully promote your services online you need to produce new content that captures your viewer’s attention. Publish unique content to your blog posts, social media updates, videos and online materials. Carefully crafted content will improve your search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your site and generate leads. You can use your content again by repurposing them into infographics or video presentation.

Yellow Page Listings
People who consult the Yellow Pages are ready to make buying decision. Yellow Pages searchers want your services and they are only searching for the best one. Register your practice in Yellow Pages, it is more advisable to go for smaller in column listing with URL to your website than going to large yellow page ad. When you’re listed you’re positioned where your prospective clients may easily see you.

Listings and Directories
Most online listings are free. Claim your business listings in Google Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local and Yelp. Make sure that people can find you online. Ensure your business information like website, address, phone numbers and hours of operation are accurate and consistent in your listings.

Video Marketing
People are more visual and prefer to watch videos than reading a long article when they need information. Videos allow you to talk directly to the viewers. You can help people address their needs and supply the information they want. Create a powerful video about your services to make people familiar with you when they visit your practice. Your videos can also be posted in your website and shared in your social media pages. Posting videos on YouTube and Vimeo can be an invaluable tool to promote your practice because these sites have millions of daily visitors.

Promo discounts
People love a good deal from health providers. Offer new patient discount or free consultation so that people may find out what you have to offer. Discounts and loyalty reward points ensures that your patients will keep coming back to your door. You can post your promo discounts on your website and social media pages.

Cross Promotion
If you are a healer or health professional you can cross promote your services on social media channels with other professionals that compliment your business. If you are a chiropractor and you don’t offer massage at your practice, you can make connections with businesses that offer therapeutic bodywork. You can trade referrals by connecting with other medical professionals.