Drawing an Online Crowd: Stimulating Banners Explode


Drawing an Online Crowd: Stimulating Banners Explode

Banner ads are considered as an important part of an optimized digital strategy of businesses. These ads are more than images that pop-up and encourage the users to click them. As a matter of fact, they are integral facets of a network’s advertising campaign.

A successful banner ad is relevant and aesthetically pleasing. However, there is a new trend of effective banner ads that are getting the attention of marketers and business owners. Today’s banner ads that draw a huge deal of online traffic are sexy and provocative. This just shows that an alluring angle does sell.

 Creating Banner Ads

Stimulating banner ads are frequently used by adult sites, online video games, dating sites, or websites that offer anything free or that matter.

In creating banner ads, vulgar images or gifs are used to bait the curious mind into clicking the pop-up advertisement. More often than not, these banner ads have phrases or images quite unrelated to the site or landing page you are taken to.

 If you’ll notice, in these instances, these banner ads are poorly made and look cheap. Believe it or not, the creators do intend them to be that way. They want the images to appear as homemade; that real people are encouraging by them them as they seem real and not made by a swanky marketing agency. Interestingly, the uglier the banner ads are, on many occasions, the higher is the chance that people will be interested on clicking them. Moreover, using amateur pictures or selfies will give the impression that this offer or opportunity is real.

 Effective Banner Ads

Banner ads are more effective if you use the right type of font. Meme fonts, such as Impact, are commonly used in creating banner ads. You should also make sure to include spelling mistakes on your ads’ texts. According to a banner designer, creating banner ads is all about catching one’s attention. Amateur images, grammatical errors, and flashy texts do capture the attention of Internet users. Colorful and NSFW sentences are also critical to the success of your banner advertisement. Typical niche related terms put into convincing catch phrases are best.

 When designing your banner ad, you should also consider the headline, sub-headline, call to action and your ad’s color combination. Just remember that your banner ad must be able to sell to your potential visitor’s . If successful, this will translate to a good lead and increased revenues.

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