What Sells Computers


What Sells Computers

According to statistics, there were more than 200 million units of computers and laptops sold globally in 2015. This translates to at least $270 billion worth of revenues. The United States accounts for one-third of the worldwide sales, making the country the largest consumer of computers and laptops. However, last year’s number was 10 million units lower than the computer sales from 2014. The sudden growth of the smartphones and tablets industries is a factor why there was a decline in sales.

The ‘S’ Factor

Although 70 percent of the computer and/or laptop units sold were for businesses, the fact still remains that sex is the primary reason why people use computers. Research shows that one-third of the world’s Internet traffic are directed to ‘adult’ sites. Because of the global reach of the Internet, porn sites are booming, the number of online freelance workers is increasing, and chat sites that offer this are exploding in popularity.

Selling anything online is now possible through computers and the technology today. As a matter of fact, studies show that computers have an effect on the different spheres of our sexuality. The popular areas are shops, education, contact, subculture and any related work offerings.

Its well documented that Sex helps in selling everything. For instance, the ‘s’word appearing in a domain name made someone $13 million richer. The Guinness Book of World Records reported that the domain name sex.com was sold for $13 million in 2010. Online marketers are also using it to attract customers and increase digital traffic. It has become an element of online ads of companies engaged in selling health and hygiene right through to businesses selling clothing and apparels.

Computer Addiction

An article from the journal of Addiction and Compulsivity reported that men and women are spending significantly increasing hours of their  day on-line for mental stimulation. Today, computers are constantly used for hours on end for meeting other in on-line chat rooms, match making sites and on-line games. Moreover, almost everyone over 18 years old can now access these sites for personal leisure time as computers are getting cheaper and the Internet is reaching more people than ever.

The adage that “Sex sells” is still true. However, it presents a problem for parents, especially that adult material on line is now so easily within the reach of children because of desk top computers and mobile devices they have at their disposal.




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